KE2 HSV and RSV Electric Expansion Valves


Using an HSV or RSV electric expansion valve in place of a traditional mechanical expansion valve, ensures the system is at the desired superheat, over a much wider range of operating conditions.

The KE2 HSV (Hybrid Stepper Valve)

Features a hybrid motor design that provides increased power at an affordable price, controlling at up to 450 pounds pressure differential. The ability to directly drive the position of the valve eliminates the need for a geared drive train, and reduces the potential for failure modes in the valve.


  • Forged body reduces machining time and speeds production
  • Two-phase, bipolar motor
  • 1,300 steps for precision high resolution control

The KE2 RSV (Refrigeration Stepper Valve)

Designed for refrigeration and air conditioning applications. The RSV is engineered for use with common HCFC and HFC refrigerants. The valve’s nominal capacities are based on R-404A, and range from 1 to 3.7 tons.


  • Bi-directional control  with 500 steps for high resolution
  • External, replaceable coil

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