About KE2 Smart Access

About KE2 Smart Access

We live in a world of Connectivity and there are many reasons why refrigeration controls should be included in this revolution. KE2 Therm Solutions brings to the refrigeration industry a revolutionary and innovative way for you to keep track of all your refrigeration equipment.

Smart Access gives you the capability and simplicity for 24/7 remote monitoring, alerting and control of all your refrigeration products. Available with all KE2 Therm controllers, with Smart Access you get a dashboard view of all your controllers with a quick overview. You can see each units room temp, system mode, alarm status and more. Plus you can set up notifications so all controllers on a portal can alert you by text or email of a system alarm. You can even navigate within each controller to get more detailed information and remotely manage controller set-points and operation.

For Contractors, it is simple to install and use, and is great for keeping track of all the customers you service. End users and facility managers will love being able to check on multi-site and multi-unit locations via one easy to use dashboard.

For more, watch this video on Communication Made Easy with KE2 SmartAccess or call us today at 636.266.0140.

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