KE2 Therm Solutions (commonly referred to as KE2 Therm) is known throughout the refrigeration industry as an innovative company that is moving the category to new heights of performance and reliability. If you are responsible for refrigeration and desire peace of mind from knowing your refrigeration controls are optimized for peak performance, saving you energy and service costs, while at the same time improving the integrity and shelf life of your refrigerated products then you need to get in touch with KE2 Now!


In addition to developing innovative and patented refrigeration solutions, KE2 Therm is widely known for our industry expertise and technical support. We are passionate about innovative design and product quality, and have the integrity to stand behind the products we create. Our expertise, and extensive background, in refrigeration, programming & communication is what makes KE2 Therm Solutions the preferred choice of manufacturers, designers, contractors and restaurant owners throughout the United States and Canada.

The KE2 Therm Team

Our Mission, Our Core Values, and our energy and motivation are all factors that make KE2 Therm an exceptional place to work. And, while we all have different reasons for joining the KE2 Therm team, in general it is the incredible work environment.

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