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education Part of our commitment to our customers, and the industry, is to provide education and training materials that explain the concepts and theories that are the foundation of modern refrigeration. We believe that understanding the basics is essential to effectively implementing today’s technical products.

KE2 ThermSolutions University
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We wanted to make it simple for you to become familiar with our cutting-edge control and monitoring solutions. That’s why we started our KE2 Therm Solutions University! We give you a step by step guide that explains our family of controllers, our flagship KE2 Evaporator Efficiency controller, common installation and troubleshooting questions, and communications with KE2. Not an IT person? No problem! We have taken the guesswork out and made our KE2 University an easy-to-understand yet comprehensive path for you to be successful with our products. Visit here to get started:!

NATE Recognized Training
Now, as the leader in “smart” refrigeration technology, KE2 Therm’s three NATE recognized training courses explore topics, that for the most part, didn’t exist a decade ago, including troubleshooting with remote communication, and adaptive refrigeration technology.



Course # 40248-0001
Adaptive Refrigeration Control – Installation and Setup
Number of Units Earned: 1


Course # 40248-0002
Refrigeration Thermostats
Number of Units Earned: 1


Course # 40248-0003
Refrigeration System Troubleshooting with Communication Technology
Number of Units Earned: 2

To inquire about attending a training session, contact your regional sales engineer:


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KE2 Education & Training

  • Frost & Defrost W.1.1

  • Understanding Ethernet – Networks W.5.1

  • Basic Thermodynamics – 1 W.9.1

  • Understanding Ethernet – Topologies W.5.2

  • Basic Thermodynamics – 2 W.9.2

  • Understanding Ethernet – Cabling W.5.3

  • Basic Superheat and Saturation W.9.3

  • Understanding Ethernet – Protocols W.5.4

  • Electricity 101 W.9.4

  • Understanding Ethernet – Glossary W.5.5

  • More Fans or Fewer? W.2.1

  • Refrigeration Past, Present, Future W.9.5

  • Today’s Technology W.9.6


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