"...know what is going on in the system, in a matter of seconds."

“You guys have thought of everything with this controller. I can see more information on one page, and know what is going on in the system, in a matter of seconds. It would take me 20 minutes inside the box to get the same information.”

Andy Fincutter, Contractor/Technician A to Z Refrigeration, WI

KE2 Evap OEM


This adaptation of the KE2 Evaporator Efficiency incorporates the control and communication features that are the hallmark of the KE2 Evap, as well as unique settings requested by OEM customers.

Like the KE2 Evaporator Efficiency, energy savings range from 15-50% over mechanically controlled systems.


  • Eliminates unnecessary defrosts typically associated with timed based alternatives—reducing energy consumption and preserving product integrity
  • Maximizes energy efficiency with less compressor run time resulting from shorter defrosts
  • Eliminates ice formation on floors and ceilings
  • Eliminates excessive temperature swings
  • Webpages onboard for local/remote access to monitor and control system operation
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