KE2 Humidity Control


Designed to be used with the KE2 Evap OEM, the KE2 Humidity Control is the most energy-efficient approach to achieving your humidity goals.

The controllers are ideal for applications with specific humidity and temperature requirements, such as Meat curing rooms, Growth chambers, Greenhouses, Ripening Rooms, Clean rooms, Paper, and document storage. And products such as Wine, Flowers, Meat, Dairy, Candy, Fruits, Vegetables, Tobacco, Seafood, Nuts, and Medicine.


  • Improved product integrity. Precise regulation of the conditioned space’s humidity and temperature helps keep perishable products at their optimum state for both texture and flavor and can extend shelf life.
  • Reduced spoilage and shrinkage. By defrosting only when needed, maintaining the desired humidity level, and providing more consistent temperature control, the controller reduces environmental fluctuations that can damage inventory. This helps maintain the ideal moisture in the product – preserving the product quality and reducing shrinkage.
  • Protect valuable inventory – alarm notification via text or email. With alerts sent directly to your phone or email, there are no more weekend morning runs to check your conditioned space. When connected to the internet, your controller will notify you if there is a problem, such as high or low humidity, protecting valuable inventory and providing peace of mind.
  • Remote monitoring & system control. With KE2 SmartAccess, check your system from any place with internet service. The controller lets you stay on top of the system, without staying with the system. Adjust setpoints, view current performance, and for service technicians, improve service call efficiency by viewing remotely before arriving on the job site.
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