"...a dramatic reduction of ice build up in the freezer."

“We have noticed a change in product quality as the product does not stick together as in the past. We have noticed that the freezer seems colder. We have also seen a dramatic reduction of ice build up in the freezer.”

John Stanzek, Manager Quick Serve Restaurant, West Allis WI

KE2 Temp + Air Defrost


NOW with Ultra-Bright Blue LEDs, for improved visibility.

The KE2 Temp + Air Defrost controller simplifies refrigeration controls by combining the functions of a thermostat and defrost timeclock. A robust design provides versatility for a wide range of medium temperature applications with air defrost.

When used with the KE2-EM the KE2 Temp is accessible through a local dashboard, where you can monitor or make setpoint adjustments. Additionally, alarm notifications can be sent to you via text or e-mail.

  • Features
  • Eliminates multiple mechanical controls with precise electronic control – ideal for truck stock
  • Simple to configure
  • Reduces wiring requirements for new systems
  • PC/tablet/smartphone interface – receive e-mail alarm notifications and remote access with the KE2-EM
  • Post Defrost Indicator reduces service calls, alerts users when the controller is coming out of defrost
  • Keypad lockout prevents un-authorized adjustments
  • Off time defrost on schedule or custom defrost
  • Manual defrost
  • Visual Alarming – High temp/Low temp/Sensor
  • Compressor protection – Maximum starts per hour
  • Ideal for wine cabinets, under-counter refrigerators, commercial kitchen refrigerators, and walk-in coolers
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