“Holy cow! It was starting to look like Antarctica in there with the ice building on the ceiling. I can’t believe the ice is gone. The boxes aren’t sticking together anymore. The product quality is also better, as we used to find that some of the chicken nuggets and also the hamburgers would stick together.”
Dawn Bayer, Assistant Manager Quick Serve Restaurant, Cudahy WI

“…dramatic reduction of ice build up in the freezer”

“The KE2 controller reduces M&R by eliminating the service calls for de-icing the coils. I also like the fact that it is very visible…and that you can scroll the memory to see the history of what’s happening with the cooler and freezer! And, it is doing fewer defrost cycles, defrosts that were not needed, thus, saving us more energy dollars.”
Joe Guzzo, Owner McDonald’s, South Vancouver BC