Our Sales Team

Regional Sales Manager – Serge Tremblay


Serge brings KE2 Therm 30 years of experience and knowledge of the HVACR industry. During his career, Serge was involved at the Wholesale and OEM levels, including experience as a Sporlan Valve Co. Sales Engineer for 11 years.

He has conducted many technical seminars in Eastern Canada, and participated as an invited speaker in European refrigeration symposiums. Serge holds a professional refrigeration teachers license, and was a trade school refrigeration teacher for 7 years. He is RSES Certified Member Specialist in Refrigeration.

In addition to a refrigeration and air conditioning diploma, Serge has earned degrees in HVACR design and a B.SC.Administration diploma from Sherbrooke University.

Serge’s extensive experience, in hands-on training and HVACR design, strengthens KE2 Therm’s commitment to provide strong and accessible support for our customers.

819-578-8963  |   serge.tremblay@ke2therm.com

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