"...Very exciting stuff!"

"Installed my first KE2 LDA. I haven’t finalized the setup yet, but when we do, I will be adding the Smart Access for remote monitoring / email alerts. I will update with the addition of the smart access! Very exciting stuff!"

From an HVACR industry forum, 09-25-2016, 08:34 PM #22 kamersoutdoor

KE2 Local Area Dashboard & Alarms (KE2 LDA)


When the KE2 LDA is connected to the same network as KE2 Therm controllers, it immediately and automatically scans and finds all KE2 Therm controllers – even your KE2 Temps, KE2 Low Temps and KE2 Adaptive Controls.

The perfect addition to the Refrigeration Network. The LDA is a simple, multi-functional, communications device designed for smaller installations of up to 10 controllers – Ethernet or Serial- ModBus.

It delivers on customer desire to locally view all of their controllers in a single view. And, without a recurring fee.


  • Serve as a Permanent WiFi Service Tool
  • Display a Local Area Dashboard showing controllers connected to the customer’s network
  • Connect controllers to KE2 SmartAccess customer portal without requiring controller upgrades
  •  Send Email Alarms for all connected controllers to multiple email recipients
  •  Create a Wireless Bridge to the local network (wirelessly connect a controller to existing WiFi)*
  •  View Serial devices in a webpage, make changes to setpoints, and receive alerts via email or text message

 *Not available in the first release.

Additionally, it enables customers to gain access to their controllers over the Internet, by functioning as a conduit to KE2 SmartAccess.

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