Schools & Institutions

“I’ve wanted a monitoring system for a long time; the ability to have definite numbers
for HAACP, without having kitchen personnel manually recording the temperature
data for each case. Being able to see if there is an emergency with this system,
review the diagnostics, prepare to fix the problem and order parts, a lot can be done
prior to our maintenance staff being on site. This not only will save dollars on
employee’s time but also travel. This is a good thing for a district our size.”
Joy Chartrau, Director of Food service School District of Washington, Washington MO

“Before, (the KE2 Evaporator Efficiency) we have never been able to meet our goal temp during the summer months …”
Patrick Williamson, Director, Purchasing & Distribution St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis MO

“I really like the controller and have many more places we will be using these.”
Ken Hunter, Service Technician St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis MO