KE2 Combo Display

Temperature Display-Controller Combo: for Lights, Door Heaters, Panic Button, etc. 
– OR – 
Use with the KE2 Evap OEM Controller for refrigeration system control  

The KE2 Combo Display brings together the functionality of a temperature display, lighting control, panic alarm, temperature alarm, and a door heater controller. It has three configurations: Stand-alone, Paired with one KE2 Evap OEM controller, and Paired with two KE2 Evap OEM controllers:

When applied in stand-alone mode:

Controls the door heaters to a specified temperature, reducing the energy required to maintain a freezer’s frost-free door frame. 

Combined with KE2 Therm’s Panic button, it provides safety for associates working in the freezer in the unlikely event they are unable to exit the space. 

Lighting control can be integrated with a door switch to automatically turn the lights on and off. 

It serves as a temperature display and alarm, for one or two controlled spaces.


When used with the KE2 Evap OEM version 2.0 or newer:

Includes everything available in stand-alone mode

Information from the KE2 Combo Display is added to the Home and Status Pages

E-mail alerts will be sent for Alarms originating from the KE2 Combo Display, as well as from the KE2 Evap OEM controller(s)

KE2 Evap OEM controller’s information is accessible from the KE2 Combo Display including Variables, Alarms, Setpoints, and Manual Menu.

KE2 Combo Display provides the ability to change additional KE2 Evap OEM setpoints not available from the Basic Display

Audible Alarm will sound for Alarms originating from either controller

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